Need help figuring out what this tool does in dorico for ipad

cool feature for next update might be including tooltips (aka identification pop up) for Dorico for ipad. As far as I could see, there is no presence of tool in help files


See if this article on the Notes Tool popover (from the desktop manual) is helpful.

In the current iPad manual, it’s included on the page about buttons in the Notations toolbox (which is the strip on the right in Write mode). There’s then a separate page for the note tools popover, once you know that’s what it’s called.

Hey Derek, thanks for the help. At least I know what it is and what its used for. I thinking that it is a new feature of the recent upgrade (4) for computer version of Dorico as it is not an existing feature of my version which is 3.5.15. I’m guessing developers put the feature in the previous upgrade of Dorico for Ipad before they put it in recent computer version🤪

Hi, thanks so much for you assistence. I must have been using an old version of the ipad version help files when I was trying to ID the tool in question. thanks for the links to the info i needed.