Need help finding special kind of loops/library

I am in dire need of a big selection of rhythmic loops in a special genre.

For the time being I am mostly getting composing-jobs doing this weird “neutral music” as a backdrop for corporate presentation movies, which is always a lot about what the music certainly must NOT do. Especially percussion has to be really low-key and soft or “suggested”. Normal acustic drum sounds are never good with this. The rhythmics have to be soft, gentle and easy on the ear but still interesting grooves.

The hardest part for me is keep coming up with new, interesting rhythmic grooves. I am looking for a library of really low-key, non-aggresive but very smooth sounding loungy loops. I hear a lot of these grooves in like mellow electronica or cool lounge style music. But I just can’t seem to find a library to fit this purpose for me.

Any suggestions for loop libraries or maybe advice on how to get there on my own?

I am not so good at composing percussion - I am much stronger on the tonal side of the job. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

I probably should point out, that I’ve roamed through A LOT of sites selling loop libraries, but they are always the same crap. They name the collection or library “lounge”, “chill-out”, “ambient” etc. - and it comes with a few interesting loops but then also synth chords, bass lines, sound effects and a lot of other useless stuff.

I am only looking for the rhythmic loops - and my greatest wish is to find a suitable selection of these to put in Stylus RMX.