NEEd help for assign control!!!


i’ve a big problem with a control mappaing

i post an image to explain my problem

u see in image that i want to mapping master out…but this mapping control don’t stay i in position…the mapping go often to stereo in or in send volume control…or in other things…

so…why this control don’t stay in mapping?..all other controls stay lock…

hope in a help

thank you.

Have you tried Export and Import Settings?

Anyway, I have been told about exactly the same issue on a friend´s Mac with Cubase 6. Seems to be a Mac only - problem, no issues on Windows. Seems, you´re not alone with that…

All the best.



if u put STEREO OUT on the top of sequencer (first track) the command stay locked…it seem when you add a new track,“stero out” slide in an other position in the program track list,and, the controller take the track before(in my case “stereo in”,so for evry track you added the command slide to the track before )

please fix this :mrgreen: