Need help for avoiding dynamic marking problems

Hi all,

When I’m proofing parts I will find extraneous dynamic markings and hairpins. After cleaning up one part I’ll find that another part I had previously proofed is now missing the occasional hairpin or dynamic mark. Obviously, I’m deleting things that are grouped that I didn’t realize are grouped. It may be the result of copying and pasting sections of music from one instrument to another.

Does anyone have “best practice” suggestions for avoiding these kinds of problems? I’ve wasted a lot of time editing and re-editing.


Select all, remove from group, select all, group.

The problem is the linking. I prefer to NOT link dynamics and slurs when copying. I think it’s more dangerous than helpful. There’s a setting for this in Preferences.

so you are saying you ungroup before copying? but when you select all + group wouldn’t that group every dynamic in the score?

No, “Remove from Group” is slightly different (though I can’t remember exactly how, but it seems to be more thorough).

Grouping isn’t typically the thing that causes dynamics to disappear, in my experience… it’s linking.