Need help for choosing a mac.

Hi ! I am interest to buy this :

Imac 21.5 :

1.6GHz Processor
1TB Storage ( i want to change to a Flash 256 GB )
1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
8GB of onboard memory, configurable up to 16GB
Intel HD Graphics 6000
1920x1080 sRGB display

so here my question :

if i choose the 256 GB Flash Storage and run cubase library and all my software, like native instrument on a Lacie 7200 RPM external hard drive. Do it will run good Cubase and software or i am better to stay on a 1TB hard drive internal in iMac ?

Why not use a thunderbolt drive? I wouldn’t recommend a external hard drive on FW or USB interfaces when using samples (bad load times).

Hi ! excuse my ignorance but right now i don’t know what is ‘‘thunderbolt’’ i have my first mac and i want to buy a more powerful for using more vst…

But i will search on google for thunderbolt.

You said with a Flash Apple Hard drive and the sample library on a thunderbolt hard drive it work great ?

Theoretically it will because Thunderbolt is way faster then USB or firewire, in fact it’s faster then a standard S-ata disk interface. And do not forget the benefit of TB for sounddevices (low latency).

When using a external disk with USB or firewire the fail will be there (it will work but not at optimal speed!)

Ok tank you !