Need help for input a wavy glissando over the barline on tied notes

I’m from Sibelius, and could do this simple task of inputing a wavy glissado over the tie note specifically for wind chime on Sib without a problem, but it seems impossible for dorico to input a gliss. on a long tied note over the bars. I try to indicate the player to sweeping up and down the wind chimes. Can anyone help me please? I’m a newbie and this task takes me forever and have no idea how to fix it.



I think the best option will be to use slurs instead of ties … requires some manual adjustments :frowning: There are a few other more creative options… e.g. if you can live with straight rather than wavy lines, you could adapt piano pedal lines …

A solution (quite easy) would be to create a second voice (shift-v), input whole notes (f high-d low), draw the gliss (without text, check the Engraving options >ornaments) and hide the whole notes using the Properties panel > Color > opacity 0%/alpha channel if you’re on PC
Do it on two bars and select them, press r the number of times you need that pattern.
Hope it helps!