Need help for my elicenser download

I just bought a UR 12, installed all the softwares and made all the corrects registrations.

I have an issue i can’t understand. When i am going into elicencer, i go to my license, enter the code, hit download and then, elicenser just stop working. I’ve been searching the internet the whole day i have no idea how to fix it.

PS.1 : I have re download and reinstalled everything.

PS. 2 : I am on windows 7 64 bits and i meet all system requirement.

Hi and welcome,

Internet connection problem? Firewall is blocking the comunication? Another app is blocking the comunication?

I have tried to run as administrator, add it on the authorized list on my firewall.

What types of program can block eLicenser to work properly ?

Firewall, antivirus… Even on side of internet connection provider.

Btw: Check your USB-ELicenser is connected to the USB2, not USB3, please.

I do not have the USB eLicenser, since it’s a soft-elicenser program