Need help from a moderator

I’m trying to download the installers for 9.0 to my laptop for some remote recording, but I can’t find them. Tried to log into mysteinberg, but it didn’t like my password (which auto populated, meaning it was the last password I used), but when I requested a new one The Steinberg system failed to actually send it. I don’t have a spam folder and haven’t blocked Steinberg, so it’s not my issue. Except for having to put up with an incredible amount of inconvenience trying to retrieve a product I have paid for.

A thought…
The accounts for the Steinberg Shop and your MySteinberg are different. Maybe you assumed they were the same and are using the wrong login information.

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The forum is also a different login, isn’t it? I have to admit I have been frustrated with this in the past because (I think) the different login pages are all on “” which creates a problem for the auto password features on the browsers.

But Steinberg’s login page is claiming it sent a new password to my email address, and I have not received it.

Yes, this exactly!!!

It can get really frustrating. :cry:

Some email servers mark these Steinberg emails as Spam so they never get as far as your in box (or Spam folder). This has included gmail in the past apparently. Try an alternative email address.

For obvious security reasons you can’t just give a different email address for password recovery.

@ steveschizoid : Does Sb offer phone support for your country?

This is true, but there are other options from the mySteinberg page to change email address, fw.

My email address has not changed and there is NO SPAM FOLDER. The only way to block spam with the WOW system is to specify the address you want blocked. This is a glitch in Steinberg’s system. informing me about what I can do once I’m logged in to mysteinberg is pointless. It won’t let me log in, it won’t send me a new password. If I wanted to upgrade to 9.5 I probably couldn’t even do that. there is phone support in the US, but you have to request it through mysteinberg. This is infuriating. I’ve been using cubase for 20 years and SB keeps making it more and more difficult to address any issue.

I had the same problem. Requested a password reset for days on end with no reply. Finally sent the request on my iPhone and got the reset link within minutes. Can’t explain it. Verizon FIOS/Outlook on home computer and ATT on phone. There’s something different about how they handled that email.

Send them a mail from the link planarchist gave you above. No login required.

Thank you!!!