Need help how to find my old track insert preset?

Try to find in forum but I can’t see. how to show or import my old insert prest idem for eq preset
I see in windows explorer in cubase7/presets with pxml extension but not in the mixer when I open cubsae7 program
No *.pxml file import in cubase7?
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As noboby answered me, I will to try to explain better:
Before Cubase7 I used Cubase6 and I have a lot of track insert plugin preset : the file is “InsertsFolderPresets.pxml”
But now with the update it seems me that cubase7 can’t load anymore the *.pxml files?!!!
Now when you create a preset the extansion is *.fxchainpreset and it’s an individual file : one file for one preset. Before it’s was a global file with all the preset inside.
Idem with the eq preset
Hope that somebody can help me, to tell me if we can or if we can’t reuse oldpreset.
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Open your Cubase 6.5

Create tracks with all your insert effects from your presets.
Save The project.

Then open your project in Cubase 7 then save all your insert presets … that’s the only way I’ve found to do it …

Thanks for your answer…I thought about an impossibility to import!!! a little shame to Steinberg
My solutions was to edit the files in the program notepad+
-copy a *.fxchainpreset and rename it to the name of the old preset,
-delete from line 14 ( just after <member name="Folder> to line just before

  • and between the above lines copy the code from the fileFolderPresets.pxml just after the line >menber name=“Object”> until the line before
    thanks again
    best regards