Need help identifying a soundfont

Hello, I don’t know a lot about Dorico and music composing in general, and I was wondering what sounfont was used in this anthem:
I know the person who made it used Dorico but I’m not sure wich version and wich soundfont they used. Also, I have the free version of Dorico 5

Sharper ears may disagree, but it’s very hard to tell which sample library is being used just by listening: you’ll really have to ask whoever made it.

NB: “Soundfont” refers to a particular technology and file format that Dorico doesn’t use. It’s mostly just used on games consoles and much older audio apps.

Apps like Cubase, Logic, ProTools, and most notation apps use sample libraries through VST or AU plug-ins.

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Hello, I remembered that I did already open the song in Dorico a long time ago, and I’m pretty sure it was a VST template as you said. It seems like it might be Halion Sonic because when I open the file, a popup appears telling me it uses an old version of it, but I do not know wich version exactly. Is there a way to see what version of Halion the file was made on?

I’ve just found even more information that could help. Now, a pop up appears telling: “This project was created in version 4.0 of Dorico. It will be automatically
updated to the current version.” and another one tells “This project references a Playback Template playbacktemplate.noteperformer that is not installed on this system”.
I’ve made some research but it seems like noteperformer isn’t accessible for free though.

I would skip all that hassle and search for and contact the person who made the video.

Good luck. :+1:t2:

Well I did make this video (with the authorisation of CayoTizoc) but I just found the VST!!! (It was NotePerformer)
Thanks for the help!