Need help. Just bought some sound sets...

Hello, I just bought these sound sets. I’ve installed them and now I don’t know where to find them… I bought these…

Prologue Discoveries
Groovy 70s

I use Cubase 6… The only one I got working was the Hypnotic Dance, The sounds show up using Halion Sonic SE. Where are my others??? How would I use them?



Im no expert on this, an still using cubase 5, but i have purchased similar sets to you.

Prologue Discoveries,
are New Instruments for the Prologue Synth which is a VST instrument in Cubase 6, (not compatable with HalionSonic)

are New Instruments for HalionONE (old synth), I think this is a seperate install for Cubase 6, I still have it in cubase 5 , (not compatable with HalionSonic)

Groovy 70s, Funky, Rock
These are contents sets (ie just Loops not instruments or patches), you should see them in the Media Bay

However Hyptnotic Dance is compatable with Halion Sonic as you quite rightly say.

Regards blue_wave