Need Help-kind of desperate. "Could not connect to CoreMIDI

Hi everyone, I’ve run into a problem today. I have an Imac that I did an Apple update to today. After doing that update, the Imac will not boot up. So…

Because I’m working on a deadline, I decided to use my Macbook Pro. Unwittingly, I also did the Apple update on my Macbook Pro. (Not sure if this is causing my problem yet)

Since doing the update on the Macbook Pro, I keep getting this message whenever I open Cubase. “Could not connect to CoreMIDI. You should restart your System”.

Can anyone tell me what to do? Cubase doesn’t seem to communicate with my midi keyboard anymore. I can click on midi events and hear sounds in the project, but cannot play the keyboard. I’m seeing no meters jumping up on the selected track in the project window.

When Cubase opens it waits for an eternity when scanning for the CoreMidi.

I also did the update you see below.

Does anybody have any idea how I can solve this? I’m kind of desperate because I’m working for a client.
Many thanks, Jeff

Mac OS 10.5.5
Cubase 8.5.30

What is your midi keyboard plugged into? Or do you mean it’s midi over USB?

HI well I have a yamaha s90 plugged in to a usb.

I read somewhere to delete Cubase 8.5 preferences, but it didn’t seem to help.
Thx Jeff

Do you have the Yamaha USB Midi driver installed??

If so I would certainly try to uninstall and reinstall this.

No luck yet. I usually use an Edirol ua-25 audio interface. Apparently it is no longer supported with my Mac OS. Currently looking for a driver for my S90 Es yamaha

Wouldn’t it just be this?

Hi Grim, Thanks for the help. I don’t see my version available.I’m on OS 10.10. 5. Do you think any other version will work?

By the way, I was able to fix the Coremidi problem with this. Fix Core MIDI problems with OSX – James Howard Young

I followed the instructions and it worked. Cubase does not get hung up on boot up anymore. The issue is that I cannot seem to use my Yamaha S90 ES. Cubase doesn’t recognize it.

But I"m able to use a different midi synth that works. So at least I can get back to work.

I found and posted that link specifically because your first post says you installed OSX 10.5.5.

Just search Yamaha USB midi driver for latest releases…it really isn’t hard to find.