Need help mapping Orchestra Tool with Berlin Timpani

Hi guys,
I recently purchased the OT Berlin Timpani Library but I figured out a way to use it with expression maps…
Anyomr with playback templates or any tips for maping? Thanks!

Assuming the Berlin timpani doesn’t have a multitude of patches, it should be reasonably quick to set up your own expression map for it in Library > Expression Maps.

Hi, I having trouble with the key switches…i xpislmt figured out how to change between single hits, rolls and other techniques. I mapped it according to the keyboard on the tool like C2, D2 but couldn’t get it to change.

Make sure that you know which middle C convention is being used by the Spitfire library: middle C (MIDI note 60) can be numbered as C3 or C4 (or even sometimes as C2). It might be that the key switches aren’t working because you have them defined in the wrong octave.

I’ve created a few Ex maps for various OT libraries; but not the Timps.

Can you show a screenshot of the Articulation List in SINE Player?

Hi, I’m using kontakt to open the library

Well, you’ve got twelve Key Switches there. (Plus the blue one?) First, get a list of what they are. Then, create a suitable expression for each one.

The “Natural” expression will need a key switch, if only to reset the preceding expression.

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