Need help mapping out keyboard controller!!!

I have Cubase Elements 6 and an M-audio Axiom 49-key 1st edition running on windows. I need help mapping it out. I’ve gone days researching and can only find one thing that told me how to get the play button to work and the first channel control. I have messed with the software and done everything. I need someone to help me get all controls set. It would help maybe if i can get a preset file. If it helps, I can give you my email to go over instructions if you need to. I know about the learn function too but I just need someone to help. Thanks!

AFAICS, you’ll have to set a Generic Remote device in the ‘Remote Devices’ category of the ‘Device setup…’ window, if not done already, as the Axiom 49 doesn’t seem to be in the predefined controllers list. So, no preset available that I know of…

From which, use the ‘+’ (Add device) button at the top left of the window. Then, using the new generic remote definition created, here are the stages to follow :

  1. First, define precisely on your Axiom 49 the MIDI channels, address (MIDI CC value), and behavior of each controller available (such as Min and Max value, Polarity, etc…). Check in its manual to do so.

  2. After this, the top panel of the Generic Remote definition shows all the different controllers available. Configure all this as needed, which means keeping all the controllers that are present on your Axiom 49, and only these : don’t hesitate to get rid of what is not needed. This is the difficult part, as you’ll have to define in it again exactly the configuration of your Axiom 49. As default, keep the ‘Controller’ value in the ‘MIDI status’ column, as well as the 'R, , ’ value in the ‘Flags’ one.

  3. Once done, set the different Cubase commands to be controlled in the bottom pane for each controller. As a quick approach, use the ‘Command’ option in the ‘Device’ column for controlling any Cubase feature and, from this, select the different commands needed using the ‘Channel/Category’ and ‘Value/Action’ columns.

  4. Don’t forget to save all what you’ve done here with the ‘Export’ button, otherwise you will not be able to retrieve your work from one session to another. Keep also in mind that, once the definition of the different controllers has been done in the top pane, you can have as much commands configurations as wanted in the bottom one, using the ‘Rename’, ‘Add’ and ‘Delete’ buttons at the right of it. Each of them can then be quickly retrieved for use with the ‘Devices/Generic remote’ menu command and a selection of the already defined configuration needed.

The whole thing would need more than a quick answer like this, I admit. Check the Cubase Element Operation manual starting at p.297 and just experiment from there : you’ll be rewarded sooner or later…