Need help. Midi delayed/moved

Hi a new user here.
Well i created a project and (most likely) i pressed something because my whole project moved . Screenshot attached .
When i try to move it back its obviously out of sync. No idea how to make things normal again. For example kick shouldn’t start delayed like this and this applies to all midi/ instrument in my project.
Any suggestions? It might be trivial but somehow cannot figure it out.

You could just try using “Undo”. The default setting for Cubase is to remember an infinite number of steps, so you should be able to find your way back. You can just click the Undo arrow or using the edit history table Edit > History

hello. thanks for your swift response.
Sadly i was unaware of delay and saved project.
Next day everything was moved . I assume it has to do with the quantize some setting perhaps. even though it plays correctly but when i try to arrange and to the place it should be it is out of sync.