Need Help! -No Libraries loading! (External Disc)

Although I have overall computer-problems, at the moment …(something I rarely had before), there is one issue I just can’t get behind: Since I installed Dorico 3.5 I have severe problems with my sound-Libraries! The Library-Manager shows me the Libraries. (All installed correctly). My eLicenser is good. …but STILL; when I load HALion to playback sounds - the Library-window “in Dorico” is empty. When I click on “All” - nothing happens. !!! What is going on here?

Some hints would be greatly appreciated…


How are you loading the library into Dorico? Are you using the Playback Template?

Hi Derrek.
For now, I just opened a demo-song. (Default sounds from Dorico Pro).
When I click on the “e” to open the HALion Sonic SE PlugIn - there is a warning;
“Some audio files are missing. Please check the installation.”
HALion SonicSE opens up (the PlugIn), but the sounds are not there…

Try following: Go to Edit > Preferences, choose the VST Plug-ins tab and scroll all the way down. Push the button ‘Reset Audio Engine Data’ and restart Dorico. If that does not help, create a new project from piano template, enter few notes and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file attach here, please.

Hi Ulf.
Thanks for the hints. Nothing happens… (Dead buttons…). : (

Dorico (238.4 KB)

Thanks very much, but sorry, the log file got cut off, would you please do me another diagnostics report, please?
Also, in that piano template project, when you open the HALion editor window, did the piano sound get loaded and can you play with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the window? Does sound come out?

Cut Off??? Somebody sawing on my system? :smiley:
-ok; Dorico (238.4 KB)

When I load other PlugIns - they play normal.