need help on connecting external effect

hi all,

having a weird latency problem connecting my lexicon PCM80 to cubase. (cubase 8.0.4 , apollo quad FW).

the problem : not in sync + every time i press “delay compansation” button i get diffrent value

after connecting in/out to and from the apollo + midi cable to the PCM80 midi in :

  1. connected in/out via “Vst Connections”/“ExternalFX” (Stereo IN/OUT)
  2. set tempo to MIDI on the PCM80
  3. Created an FX channel and picked the External effect pcm80
  4. pressed delay compansation button on the effect

The PCM 80 is bypassed?
What order of magnitude are the differences?

Make sure the PCM80 is set to 100% dry when you ping the external effect…

FWIW, you’re lucky your external effect calculation works at all… I have RME hardware, and Cubase reports 0ms ALWAYS - no matter what external devices are connected. Basically, the hardware delay compensation function in Cubase is broken on my system (it’s a known problem with Cubase and RME devices).

Same here. I’m running C8.5 on a MacPro 2008 with RME Fireface devices and the ping doesn’t work either. Logic has no problems so far to detect the delay. Any known workaround to get the desired value ? Is this behaviour already acknowledged and in the bug data base ? This needs to be fixed asap cause not everyone works entirely ITB.

After you have setup the ins and outs, and have made sure the signal flows the way it should. Close down Cubase and restart it again. Make sure the ext.fx is set to dry, and hit the ping. The result of the ping can vary slightly, on my setup around 0.02ms.
I’m using RME and it works great, use it every day with 4 different ext.fx. But I had troubles in the beginning with the delay reporting 0ms, and it turned out that signal was not reaching the units. After closing down Cubase and restarting it the signals where routed correctly.