Need help on latency

I am using window 8 on Intel® core i5-3330S CPU and 64-bit system.
I am using cubase 7, and Presonus Audiobox 44VSL.

Under devise -Devise setup- VST Audio system, I have three options: AsioDirectX full Duplex driver, AudioBox ASIO Driver, and Generic low latency ASIO Driver. In all of them I got 40.000 ms input and output latency.

I have no idea how to solve this problem and I need your help… :confused: :confused: :frowning: :frowning:


I changed to AudioBox ASIO Driver this morning and got Input Latency: 27.211 ms, Output Latency of 39.229 ms
AsIO-Guard latency: 46.440 ms.

I went to the driver to see if i can set a buffer, but the control panel doesn’t open. Can someone help? :blush:

you can fix latency in the presonus VSL mixing console Under “setup”