Need Help Please - Cubase Pro 8

Hi guys

I need some help with an issue i have with cubase.

I have cubase pro 8 and i use an M-Audio protrack as my sound card.

I am going to struggle to explain this so bear with me lol

Everything works fine in cubase however when i want to record sound from cubase using software such as bandicam i am unable to record any sound, the reason for this is i think is because cubase seems to bypass my computers audio output and just goes through my external soundcard then out of my speakers.

When i click on the volume mixer at the bottom right of my computer screen where it shows all your open applications and gives you the option to control their levels, cubase does not appear on the list and when sound is playing through cubase there is no signal at my computers volume mixer.

This is not a problem when i work in cubase because im able to hear everything and other applications work fine as well but its a problem when trying to record the sound from cubase, i have selected the same audio output as cubase uses which is m- audio line 1/2 but it does not record any audio.

Does anyone know a way around this? i really need to be able to record sounds from cubase when recording videos.

other notes…

in cubase device setup i use fast track pro ASIO (64bit) as my ASIO driver. I only have 1 other option which is generic low latency driver but when this is selected no sounds comes from cubase and no signal levels are even present when playing stuff back.

In bandicam and other recording software i have tried selecting every possible recording output and still no joy, the video is captured but no sound.

I think if i can get cubases output to route to my computers audio output like other applications then everything should work fine but i have spent hours messing around and trying to find solutions online but with no luck.

if anyone can help me with this issue it would be much appreciated (:

thank you for your time