Need help please with my new gear

Hi guys, Wondering if somebody could help me please.

Bought some new monitors. M-Audio Bx8 D3’s

And A new audio interface. Presonus audiobox USB96

I plugged them in last night but when I open large cubase projects. As the tune gets busier. I start to hear crackling and stuttering. Naturally this sounds like A latency issue. I tried to select the audio drivers that came with the presonus audiobox. but when I select one it says no device connected to pc. Even though there is sound coming through it and the pc does infact recognise it.

Please any help is appreciated. I need to make music lol!!

Try different USB ports on your system for the audio interface.

I have, There are 8 on the pc and it is the same throughout mate. The pc is practically brand new. The monitors are new. The soundcard is second hand. But I don’t think it’s that. Any more ideas anyone?

Kind regards