Need Help Please !!!

I have a tascam dm 3200 a tascam iffdmwk 2

And a motu 2408 and pcie card for it on win 10 64bit.

Ineed anyone who can help me set up the iffdmwk 2 on win 10 64bit need a driver that works on win 10 64bit plus a diagram picture of the setup

And the setup diagram picture for the motu 2408. What i need is the picture of how to step by step 1 2 3s of how assign the slots in and outs to get all that i can out of my tascam dm3200 Please help anyone Thx send all info to


I’m sorry, I can’t help with the setup, but I woke recommend to change to header of your post to Merle or clear what are you asking for. Some one with the device would open it more likely. :wink: