Need help , please !!!!!!


I’m 55 years old and I’m getting back to computer music … I was working on Steinberg Pro 24 on Atari … we don’t laugh, thank you … Now, I just bought the cubase elements 10.5 and I try to transfer my work from one to the other with great difficulty … I even regret the impressive paper manual of the Pro 24 …

Not having found a better way, I transfers track by track, but alas, variable silences are found at the beginning of each track … and I cannot remove them to realign all the tracks in measure 1 on all the tracks … How to do? I manage to select these silences which turn blue but afterwards impossible to remove them to shift the whole track at the start of the song.

I also have a problem when I want to place a wav sample correctly … I am constantly magnetically attracted to vertical lines … how to remove this?

Finally, how to program the change of sounds on old synths during the different tracks and this automatically? Before, it was a number from 1 to 128 in “program change” in the event edit? But there, I can not find anything …

Thank you very much for all the help you can give me

Elements does not have the event list editor. You can use script files to create an instrument definition for your synth (or you might find one ready-made), you can then select the sounds from your tracks. To get Cubase to send the program change to the synth on project load, save the tracks as template tracks.

Ou trouver les scripts pour mes vieux synthétiseurs alpha juno 2, tx81z, s330 et rd 700 ? Et comment les incorporer… Je ne comprends pas hélas… Et pour les silences au départ et le pb de magnétisme ?

Press J to switch on/off Snapping to grid.

Merci beaucoup pour cette première info…
une idée pour supprimer les silences au départ ?

Zoom in and simply cut (Alt+MouseLeftClick) where silence ends and sound starts, then align eachaudio event to the position it should be in.