NEED HELP - pls, having a breakdown installing Cubase


My situation is following:

I wanted to install Cubase AI 5 on my MAC (switching from a PC), first Ive spent an evening figuring out how to solve the issue with the installer requesting a newer version then 10.05 although I had like 10.15 or something like that…

At first Ive activate my Cubase product via the elicenser, it is activated on site, then Ive found that I can download the Cubase AI 10.5 from the site so I did, I installed it - NOW - when I lunch the program it asks me for an activation code, when I put there the one Ive activated before it tells me I need a reactivation. For the reactivation MySteinberg requests a new elicenser number - Im still getting the same one after deleting or reinstalling my eLincencer on the Mac. I can’t find a way how to get the reactivation code

Im totally down from the whole procedure, I would be very grateful if someone could help me with what to do - I have the software installed have the elincecer with an activated code, the program request an activation code again and I can’t figure a way how to create a new licenser number

pls. help me

thank you


With a Cubas Elements 10 License you can no run Cubase Elements 10.5. You need to buy the update to do so.

Thanks but I have in my elicenser a valid Cubase LE 5 licence, I can not install Cubase AI 5 on my MAC as I get the msg I need a higher OS version, which I actually have, on their support page Ive found this :

All users that have one of the following licenses registered with their MySteinberg account are entitled to update to the latest version of Cubase AI or Cubase LE:

Cubase AI 4 / AI 5 / AI 6 / AI 7 / AI 8 / AI 9 / AI 9.5 / AI 10

The latest version is 10.5 which Ive installed and Ive understood it that since I have a licence for AI 5 this can be used for the 10.5 version, is this not the case ?

Heres the link for this support / FAQ info: