Need help reactivating Cubase

Greetings! I need help reactivating cubase 6 elements and wave lab7 elements. When I try to reactivate it says:The Activation Code you have entered belongs to a Soft-e-licenser that has been used 5 times for reactivation. Another reactivation is not possible. I have reactivated several times due to computer problems but did not know there was a limit if in fact that is the case. I filled out a support ticket from my Steinberg account,but have not heard back yet. I need to use Cubase for a project that I am working on so I hope someone can help me soon…thanks

Are you doing this inside “My steinberg” area? There is nothing you or other users can do. You will need to wait the official support

Yes, I filled out support ticket inside mysteinberg. Thanks for reply!