Need help recording guitar and vocal on Cubase LE5

Hi. I am a newbie. My recording gear is as follows:

Cubase LE5, Alpha Lexicon, M-Audio Buddy, Shure SM58, AT2020 Audio-Technica, running Windows 7

I am trying to record guitar and vocal through my M-Audio Buddy into Cubase. Direct guitar plug in, direct mic plug in- both to the M-Audio Buddy, connected through the Alpha Lexicon.

I am not sure how to set up the Devices>VST Connections in Cubase. I want to record guitar and vocal in split tracks. From what I understand, when I play the music back, the vocal should be in one ear, guitar in the other. I was told to record in stereo. Also, I was told Cubase should be in Mono. Setting up adding the audio tracks in Cubase is also a challenge to record both guitar and vocal.

After the two tracks are recorded, they can be downloaded as mp3’s and mixed.

Does anyone have any idea how to help me? :slight_smile: I was able to record successfuly 2 years ago but now I am at a loss. Thank you,

Why are you not just using the lexicon alpha? It has the inputs you need and you will need to make sure you have selected the right driver for it within cubase so that it can see it. Once you have selected the correct driver in the device setup you can then go to the vst connections window and it shoud appear in the connected device list with the available outputs and inputs. Create either a stereo or two mono uses in the inputs and assign each to these inputs in the right hand column. You also need to select the lexicon output chanels here as well but under the OUTPUTS Tab of course.

Make sure you then select the appropriate bus on the track input.

Good luck