Need help reinstalling cubase without access to original laptop

hi, I bought cubase 12 a couple of months back on my old laptop, which had some damage incur to it so that it was unusable, and so I had to return it. Since it was unusable, I wasn’t able to make any changes to my license and now am having trouble reinstalling it on my new laptop where it says no license is detected. How can I go about this ?

Login to your Steinberg account. under products find the tab “reactive licenses on unavailable computers” and find the computer you want to get rid of.

thanks for your answer,
i’ve done this, but it hasn’t made a difference.

How did you go about reinstalling? From the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager?

Does your license appear in your MySteinberg account under “Show Steinberg Licensing-based products”?

so then you should submit a ticket for support asking them to delete the seats for you

@webdew Post a screenshot of the Steinberg Activation Manager

This is not an installation problem. Of course the daw is installed if you can launch it and get an error.