Need help saving a live recording

This past weekend, I performed a concert and had the entire show recorded to Cubase 8 via a Behringer X32 witht eh firewire card. During sound check the engineers did record a little bit but were unable to listen to it due to a number of reasons. The waveforms on all the channels look good. After the show, I saved the show and shut it down. At home, I opened up the project and reconfigured the audio interface to my Lynx 2C. To my horror, playback is mostly noise. if you solo tracks, you can tell what it is but its nearly all noise. My guess is that there was something messed up with the clock. From what I understand, they routed 1-1 for the 32 inputs to feed Cubase. One of the track is SMPTE so we could later resync it with the 11 camera shoot. Yep, I know. This should have been tested way better but hindsight is 20/20 and we didnt get the console till a couple hours before the show. It was chaos.

Has anyone run into something similar and if so, can it be fixed? If needbe, I could host a clip of the audio so you can hear what I’m talking about.
Thanks for the help.

Have you checked some of the WAV files in another app?

good idea. I will open a few in wavelab. I hadn’t even thought of that.

Opened in wavelab. It sounds the same. I got a feeling its all lost. I listened to a vocal take. It sounds like there is a bit crusher on it and it speeds up and slows down. I wonder if they forgot to select a clock source on the X32 and it was just free running. Huge letdown.

Oh. Yeah. My condolences. Unless Gandalf the Gray shows up with a magic solution, I think they’re toast. Sorry, friend.

Hi trmupstage,

sorry for what happened to you. I’m using an X32 (with USB and Firewire interface card) as well. If you should ever use that particular console again for a live recording, please make sure in advance that not only the latest drivers are installed on your recording PC but also the latest firmare is installed on the X32.

Also make sure you backup all scenes and shows in the mixer memory (if you used them) BEFORE istalling the firmware update. If the mixer is still on version 1.x and you install firmware 2.x, it will loose all shows and scenes.

I can not remember having had the same issues (I was running the X32 with firewire at home and now with USB in the rehearsal room and on stage) but with the firewire it often hung up when the PC was booting up. I then had to switch the X32 off and then on again to fix that problem. That problem did not occur with the USB interface.

Good luck for the future