Need help setting up master pages/layout for songbook

Hi Friends,

I am really struggling with some basic issues when trying to set up a project for a songbook. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and trying things but I still am stymied.

There is mixed content:

  • opening text pages (title page) etc
  • table of contents
  • mixture of 4 part hymns and lead sheet styled songs.
  1. created a new flow for each song.
  2. there are two players in the project - leadsheet & choir. Each flow is linked with only one or the other.
  3. I’ve created a layout and called it booklet which selects both players. This is the flow I hope to ultimately print.

Here are my questions:
1 - While viewing “booklet” I have inserted pages before the first pages in the first flow for my opening pages. When I delete the music frames and replace with text frames it adds another page with music frames. I guess this has to do with the frame chain? I’m afraid to make changes there as I don’t really understand it. I also don’t think adding these pages to the first song flow is a great idea but I’m not sure how else to do it.

2 - Is this the most practical way to set this up? Does anyone have a simple template that I can examine?


Don’t use “Insert Pages.” Instead, create master pages for your title page and table of contents. Then right-click on the first page in the pages panel and insert a master page change for that page only.

I have a quesion about.
I’ve created a complete dorico’s project with 10 flows. The problem is Who I have created some in all flows text frame, vertical space and other graphics adjustment. Now i must insert One flow between flow 1 and two, and a new flow between flow nine and ten.
There Is a way to don’t lose my graphic change?

If the Title Page and ToC are only in one Layout, no need for Master Pages. But if multiple Layouts will be involved, then follow Dan’s recommendation.

When you insert a page, make sure you select the Use Master Page: None option. I think I have a project somewhere that is similar to what you want. I’ll see if I can cut it down into a template.

Edit: On second thought, Dan is right, use a Master Page. Otherwise if you do a remove page override, you’ll lose your Title and Toc.

Yes precisely. Overrides aren’t inherently wrong, but they come with their own difficulties.

Here is an example template. Hopefully it will help you get going.
Songbook (529 KB)

Thank you very very very much!!! I’ll try It when i come back home
Thank you

Thanks everyone. Digging back into it now.

Craig, this is perfect, thanks again.

Great! Glad it helped.