need help setting up microphone for recording.

Hi I’m new to this Cubase and im having problems. i cant get a single to my mic. I trid the faq and still I cant get it to work so Im asking for help on the forums. as a side note I have been using Audacity and I have no problems with my mic being picked up.

I am using a custom computer. my speakers are connected directly to my computer as with a Microphone Blue yeti and focusrite scarlet 2i2 via USB. I have a neuman tlm 102 connected to the focus via an xlr connection… in cubase under devices device setup VST audio system I have the ASIO driver set to Realtek ASIO. yet i get no wave form or anything showing that the mic is getting picked up I trid the other option (generic low latency and Focus right) I can see movement on the audio activity but i hear nothing. Im not understanding how to get this to work properly and need help doing so. if you need more detailed info please instruct me and I will do my best to provide. I would like to try out this software before my trial runs out. i have 29 days remaining. thanks.

Well as neither of your mics are connected to the realtek you will be unable to use them with the realtek ASIO driver selected.
Select the Focusrite driver to use the Neumann…for the Yeti I think you’d need to install and use ASIO4all.

don’t bother…it’s junk…buy cakewalk

In case you didn’t know, Cakewalk Sonar has no future unless it is bought by company other than Gibson. No updates for Sonar as far as I’m aware. What is junk then…?