Need help setting up Motif XF8 and Cubase AI


My friend has a Motif XF8 and recently we tried to make use of the bundled Cubase AI.

For now we gave up on the Vst editor. All we’re trying to do is record to 16 midi tracks to Cubase.

So we installed a new midi device in Cubase, set the output port to Motif Xf1.
The motif is set to: record to computer mode.
The yamaha remote is also working (using port 2).

Midi tracks input is All midi in.
Midi tracks output is Motif (midi device)

The problem is all midi tracks play the same patch.
On channel 1 is piano. Then I select midi track 2(channel 2), choose bass, now both tracks play bass.
On channel 3 I select organ, now all 3 tracks play organ.
Last selected patch plays on all midi tracks.

I believe the routing in Cubase is ok but I’m not familiar with Mofif.
Any ideas what might be wrong?

Since you can´t record different MIDI channels to different tracks in AI anyway - record to one track and set output channel to “any”. or dissolve after recording and set outputs to desired channel.

Hi svennilenni.

Thanks for your response.
I should have explained better what I’m trying to do in my original post.

I want to use Cubase as sequencer and record one midi track at a time. It’s easier to edit than using the motif built in sequencer.
I was hoping that after installing the correct midi device I would be able to select a patch from midi track inspector, which I am, but for some reason the last selected patch selected on any of the midi tracks plays on all channels despite what’s shown in midi track inspector.

And you are recording the channel 1 data first, then channel 2 data? Or you record to 16 channels simultaneously, with the tracks set to channel 1 - 16?

One at a time. Channel 1 first, then channel 2…
The problem is with selecting the sound. Choose a patch for channel 1 in midi track inspector, Motif will load the correct patch. All is good.
But then doing this for channel two makes both channels play the same newly selected patch.
I think we messed up some settings on the motif. It behaves like monotimbral.
But I’m completely lost in the motif menus.

My Yamaha DGX 650 is much more simple. I often use this set up without problems. Several midi tracks routed to a digital piano.

Sorry, then I´m on the wrong track, and can´t help any further at the moment