Need help slowing down an Analog Transfer

Hey Fellow Steinberg folk, I have what seems to be a complicated situation I need some help with.

I have recently inherited some multi tracks from an old Akai 1214. I was sent the original mixes via DAT tape as well (for comparison). For those of you that remember the 1214/1212 you will recall the tape speed knob. It appears the transfers happened at a speed a tad faster than the original recording as I compare them side by side.

Is there a way that I can take ALL the tracks and slow them down just a bit to the original pitch?
NOT a drastic shift in pitch but just a bit and keep them all in sync.

IF it can be done any detailed methods would be greatly appreciated.



With tracks set to musical mode, the pool allows setting the audio files’ stretching algo to “tape” which should then respond to a tempo change.

There is also this method:

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Yes, I think you use the time stretch function but UNclick the preserve pitch box, this then becomes just like the old tape speed knob on reel to reels, select all the tracks and use that.

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I will admit to not using tape since the 90s, but I think the pitch changes; and in a linear manner with speed.

Thanks for the replies!

So when set to musical mode I can just grab all 12 tracks and stretch accordingly?

Okay, been tinkering with it tonight.
I can get the time stretch to work but its preserving pitch. There lies a big problem. Not only do I need to slow it down but pitch it down too as if I had the knob on a MTR machine. Not talking about a lot of pitch but a quarter step would be nice.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Hi Denicio

Isn’t there a check box in time stretch to preserve pitch and if you untick that box the pitch WILL change? Either it’s there or in the pitch change function and you UNtick preserve tempo. We’ve had this question before a while back and the answer was something like this.

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With the audio files in Musical mode, as described above…
Either in The Pool window, or in the Info Line of the project window (for each file), change the Algorithm from (probably the default “élastique Pro - Time”?) to “élastique Pro - Tape” (or élastique Pro - Formant Tape… whichever sounds best to your ears :wink: )

Do this BEFORE stretching the file? Seems obvious but have to ask.

We mustn’t confuse two different approaches here (and, it is already reading like, according to some of the replies, that this is already happening :wink: )
One approach, is to select each audio clip, and use the Audio Menu>process>Time Stretch, in which case, the setting in the Pool and/or Info Line in the project window, are irrelevant… just choose the desired algorithm (mentioned above) at the top of the Time Stretch dialog.
The other approach is a Realtime operation, so it doesn’t matter. Here, we simply set the audio clips to “Musical Mode”, and change the tempo in the Project window, or, alternatively (if you want to preserve the current Project tempo), by switching the Select(arrow) tool to “Sizing applies Time Stretch”, and just drag the bottom-right corner of the clips (in which case, what I said about the Pool and the Project window Info line does apply :wink: )

Thanks again for attempting to clear things up. Let me say that I put the wrong words in the title of this post.
What I am needing MORE than slowing things down a bit will be to bring the pitch down a bit like turning the tape speed knob on a MTR. But I need it done on 12 tracks all the same way. I was successful in setting into musical mode and picking the selector option that allows time stretch. I suppose I thought that slowing it down would also pitch it down. Well, Steinberg has done a great job in its coding that its not the case. I can match the tempo of the DAT transfer perfectly but the pitch remains the same. The issue is when the 1214 tapes were transferred they were a bit sharp, pitch wise. So when I wrote the title I was not thinking DAW but MTR mentality in which slowing the tape will also slow the temp and drop the pitch. That, in essence, is what I desire. A drop in pitch and once I match the 1214 pitch to the Dat tape mix I would naturally assume the tempo will also match up.

Making any sense?


Then set the files to use the tape algorithm in the pool and musical mode, and then slow the tempo down.

Okay, im all ears on how to do this. Can you list some steps. This is something that I’ve never had to do nor see having to do much in the future so I don’t instinctively know the steps involved. I’d consider it a huge favor if you could detail some steps for me.


Edited my answer, was a bit short sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks…and …Its THAT easy?

Wow. Cant wait to try it tonight when I get to the studio.