Need help solving Pops and Dropped Notes

I am currently attempting to find the cause of some pops and dropped notes within Cubase 8 pro, and I need some help.

Currently I have been messing with two small projects in an attempt to learn the programs. One project uses 10 sound patches and the other uses 22 from EWQL Hollywood Orchestra.

While monitoring my cpu during both projects, my cpu usage has not gone over 36% while my CPU frequency has peaked at 92%; however, the Vst meter within cubase is making gigantic spikes from absolutely nothing to overload when there is not a corresponding cpu spike. The two libraries in question are using only about 8.5GB of RAM.

Currently my Asio setup is such:
Steinburg Ur22
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Buffer: 512 (11.61 ms)
Input Latency: 16.145 ms
Output Latency: 19.116 ms

I believe Cubase is using the settings from the driver. The external Clock option is disabled.

I am curious if it is my graphics card which is causing the problem, Nvidia 650 TI, but I can not fully test it as my motherboard does not have dedicated graphics.