NEED HELP! Something is wrong!

So hey all! :slight_smile:

I just rechieved my new vocal mic yesterday, and it’s a MXL 990.

Today i started off, by pluggin the mic to my soundcard, and then in to the computer.

I opened cubase, and sat up the devices, but nothing sound was coming out of the mic…

I really don’t know why, so i made a video so you guys maybe can tell me whats wrong.

My recording setup, btw, is this:

Mic: MXL 990
Soundcard: TASCAM US-122MKll (so it has the 48 volt phantom)
SOftware: Cubase 5
XLR cable
supreme stand
pop filter.

Is the signal light on the interface showing any signal at all from the mic? If not then it’s probably a bad cable?