Need Help - Studio Setup Troubleshooting

Hi there!

I am desperate need of experienced minds. We have a small recording studio set up in our home. We use a Shure SM7B microphone and love it! However we had to purchase a new interface (as the old interface couldn’t provide updated drivers for new apple software). We are now using a Steinberg UR-44. We also have a cloudlifter C-1 for the SM7B.

When we plug the SM7B into our interface directly, we get a signal, a weak one of course because it requires the extra gain. When we plug it into the cloudlifter and then into the interface, we don’t get any signal. Is there any chance anyone out there may have a suggestion as to what is going on?

We tested the XLR cables to be sure they work, and the phantom power is on when the cloudlifter is plugged in. Thanks!