Need help to configure the volume Control Romm --click audio

What I want is a fader for the volume of click/metrome and a second fader for the volume of the out Mixer of cubase with these two fader indepedant.Can’t in Cubase 7

Hope somebody can help me to have the same configuration as I had in Cubase6 :
In cubase 6 I have configurated to have a CC to control the volume general (out of cuabse) and an other CC to control the volume of the click/metrome in the control control .
So I had in the Device setup/remote Device/Generic remote:
a fader for VST Mixer – out – Volume
second fader for VST Control Room – Control Room – Volume

It was easy in Cubase6 because in the vst Connections we can assign both Outputs and studio/ Monitor1 to the same output for exanmple Analog 1 and 2 of my Motu.
but now with Cubase 7 we can’t any more to have the same output
Is there a solution Best regards

the problem was taht the preference is not not the same in Cubase 7:
so under Preference/VST/Control Room
uncheck the “Exclusive Device Ports For Monitor Channels” and so we can assign the control room and main outputs to the same ports
best regards

What works even better is to ditch the Cubase click entirely and make your own.