Need help to make external effect work .

I am attempting to use an Aphex 204 as an external effect and as a channel insert .
It does not work and I really need to know why.
I have an 8 in , 8 out Lexicon Ionix as audio interface and have the necessary in and outs I think.

Here is what I did:
I went from the 2 outs on the Aphex to two in’s on the Ionix.
I went from the two inputs on the Aphex to two outputs on the audio interface.
I then added an external effect in Cubase and specified the inputs and outputs .
I then chose any audio channel/vsti channel and added the insert effect and
it does not work as in I hear no effect change at all when active or in bypass mode despite
maximum settings on Aphex just to see.
what can I be doing wrong. I have never used external hardware before. Just plugins.
Thanks for any possible help or ideas.

Solved :

on Lexicon Ionix screen needed to select Direct Outs .
Just a fluke to find solution but it works !