need help to move flow

see the picture:
I recopy music and I have have 7 flows identical : i can’t move the sevenths to put under the sixth so I have only one page!

I spent one hour to find but no results:
If I draw a new music frame under the sixth I have music but not the tittle
If I change in setup/Page setup/flows-> flow heading top margin or bottom margin : idem and sometimes the tille are awfull
Title are @flowNumber@ + @flowTittle@
Can you help me
Best regards

Go to Engrave mode, select everything and use the “make into frame” icon under “Format music frames”.

If the music doesn’t fit on the page, you probably need to decrease the staff size in Setup Mode, Layout Options.

Hi Rob
Thanks but see the result : the same as meno title?!

Have you a solution?

It works fine for me, with a new project.

I would guess you have changed something while you were trying to fix the problem yourself. If you attach the project here, somebody should be able to find the problem.

Thanks ROb
You are right.
I started a new project and copy and paste the music and it’s ok

Best regards

The leftover title and music frame on the second page, and missing flow title at the bottom of the first page, are probably due to page overrides that happened whilst you were manually adjusting frames. In Engrave mode, in the panel on the right, if the pages have red triangles they have page overrides. Removing overrides from those pages would probably fix that problem and automatically delete the (now not needed) second page. (For your understanding and future work :slight_smile: )

Hi Lillie,
Thanks: I kept the version for when I will have a moment to try to find the problem. You found the solution
Best regards