need help to reinstall broken Cubase Elements 6 on MacOSX


I had a working Cubase Elements 6 on MacOSX Mountain Lion running on Intel MacBook Pro. I used it without problems for a long period. Then I did not use it for a while and now when I needed to start it again, it appeared to be strangely broken. It’s a registered product.

I can start the application but sometimes it already hangs in the splash screen and it continues if I click there. After starting up, It opens my projects but it does not play or record anything. The UI is strangely reacting, some buttons just do not react on clicking, the canvas sometimes does not update either. Basically nothing works. Most notably the popup dialogs are stuck forever, the OK / Cancel buttons are clickable, but nothing happens and the dialog stays there for ever, so the app must be killed manually from the console.

I don’t know what possibly could have caused the problem, but I used to have a crashing disk for a while which may account for any file corruption, so I decided that I try to reinstall the product completely. However upon following all instructions I found for manual cleanup, and reinstalling the software, the problem still persists. In addition if I update to 6.0.7, then the splash screen stucks at startup completely, and I can only start Cubase if I first remove Components/videoengine.bundle.

What I would like to do is a complete cleanup and a reinstall, any help is highly appreciated. I am out of ideas what to try. Thanks for any hints in advance.


since I got no reply to my question, I would like to ask: is this the forum for Cubase problems? Or, is there another place instead of this where I can get help and report bugs? Also, I could not find a way to report bugs directly to Steinberg on the website either, but perhaps some of you can tell me how to contact Steinberg directly with this problem?

Sorry for my questions that may look stupid, but I want to be sure I understand my situation and use all the possibilities that a licensed copy of cubase offers to me, before bringing this issue to a wider publicity.

I don’t know anything about Macs, so I can’t help you with your problem. But you have to understand this is a user forum, where sometimes people will know something to help you, or they don’t. Then also, version 6/6.5 are no longer the current versions, so this area has gotten a little less populated… Anyway, for real support you need to go to the Steinberg site and follow the guidelines there - it’s different per country / area of the world.

Aloha r,

One approach would be what I call:

‘Nuke and Pave’ and then ‘Take the long way home’ —supertramp

You just came home with a brand new computer
and a brand new Cubase programme.

To achieve this:

1-Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up Back-up.
2-Completely wipe and reformat your hard drive.
3-Re-install your OS.
4-Re-install Cubase.
5-Re-install 3rd party stuff.
First audio and MIDI drivers etc and then VSTi plugs and fx .
6-Then if necessary, install all other non DAW apps.
(word processors/web browsers/games/e-mail apps etc).

Yes this process is tedious and time consuming but unless there are hardware
probs, this usually works every time.

HTH (hope this helps)