Need help! Two e-license under two email accounts.

Greetings for the day. I am writing with an issue that I am facing because of my own fault. I got Steinberg UR22C couple of weeks back. I tried installing it however due to some Operating system problems the audio interface was not being recognized by my USB ports. In the meantime I had already registered my product with an old email where also I had registered for Basic suite Fx with the e-license number that generated at that point of time. Now, a technician suggested I change my operating system which he did yesterday and now my audio interface is working fine. However, I had registered now with a new email address where I have a new e-license and have my Cubase AI license downloaded and I cannot have the Basic suite FX in this license because it has already been used with the old one. I cannot reactivate it as well because I have two licenses with different registered products in both of the emails. I do have access to both of my email accounts and for Steinberg as well as I have the activation code for Basic Suite Fx on a leaflet that came along with the audio interface.

Is there a way to bring the licenses for Basic Fx suite which is associated with the old account to the new one so that I can have Cubase AI and Basic Fx Suite under one license ?


You should be able to unregister on one account and register/reactivate on the other account. If not, you will need to submit a support ticket.