Need Help VST Performance problems

Okey my english is not so good. I wish someone can help me. I would really appreciate it.

When I load a lot of vst plugins for exempel: 7 Nexus, 5 Sylenth1, Battery 4, V-station in Cubase 7 its starting to get strange noise, clip sounds. But in Fruity Loops Studio my computer can handle it with out any problems. I thought Cubase was a much better software ?

I have bought Cubase 7 and I have installed 7.0.6 update

What should I do to make it work?

My computer specifications and soundcard/interface:
Intel i7 3930k 6 cores
32 gb of corsair dominator platinum RAM
MSI Big Bang Xpower 2 motherboard
Asus Nvidia GTX 670 4 gb graphic card

Line 6 UX2 soundcard/interface

Try increasing the audio buffer size in the audio interface control panel.

Thanks for your reply. I have tested it but there was no difference. This is weird.

I take it you are running Cubase 64 bit with all that ram.

are your audio meters clipping or is the ASIO meter clipping?

Where can I see that and where can I change it? How much ram should I run Cubase with if I have 32 gb?

Its my Real-time peaker in vst performance panel. And when I delete some vst it does not change.

Go into your ASIO config on the devices->setup screen and turn off ASIO Guard and see if that helps. Also, make sure multi-core is turned on.

Okey but look at this. Now when I started Cubase 7 and load a lot of vst plugins and layering them I didn’t get the problem with vst performance real-time peak level. This seems to be a random issues/problem/bug. I think I can not do anything about it. Cubase seems to works when it wants.

I took a print screen

No, it simply means you haven’t figured out what was causing the problem.

Well I guess have no idea how to fix it. I hoped that someone here had a solution. I switched from Fl Studio to Cubase to get away from problems in Fl Studio not to get more =)

I have been searching on google and youtube in 3 hours now without any solutions.

It seems this sh*t only happens to me.

You have Chrome and Steam both running. Are they using Wi-Fi? Are these running when you have the performance hits? They are probably periodically accessing the internet to update the webpage. If so, turn off the Wi-Fi.

When you installed Cubase 7 you would have had the choice over the 32 or 64 bit version. If you are not sure which one you installed it will tell you on the start up screen.
There is a lot on this forum about the pro’s and con’s but one down side of 32bit is that it will only use a small amount of your Ram.
When I went 64bit and increased the ram in my computer, I could run a lot more VST’s.

Yes I have Cubase 7 64 bit version installed on my system.

But I have read a lot about Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 it seems to be a very good software/plugin to solve these kind of problems.