Need help w/ Device Setup for CMC-QC

Somehow my Device Setup for my Steinberg CMC-QC has gotten messed up and I’m trying to clean it up - to no avail.

First I only have one physical CMC-QC device. But in MIDI Port Setup I’m seeing 3 pairs of midi I/O ports (none included in all midi inputs)

I’m guessing (and only guessing) that I ended up with 3 after a studio cleanup may have gotten resulted in some USB cables plugged into different ports (or, who knows???).

If I look at Device Setup/Steinberg CMC-QC its input and output are set to use CMC-QC-2. However if I set a track’s MIDI In to CMC-QC-2 that track does not see any midi data coming from the controller. But if I change the track’s MIDI In to CMC-QC-1 then it does see the data. If I were to then change Device Setup/Steinberg CMC-QC to use the ports CMC-QC-1 (like in the track) the midi data again disappears.

I’d like to end up with a single MIDI I/O port for the CMC-QC that gets used everywhere since as it is leads to lots of confusion. I tried doing a reset in the MIDI Port Setup, but that didn’t clean anything up.