Need help w/ Hitpoints on comped drum tracks and can't find an answer!

Oh no your English is perfectly fine- that’s what I thought you meant.
And that’s a smart idea because now you have an isolated hit with no bleed.
I imagine it’s good to do a few , some really lightly all the way up to as hard as you can hit.
Genius my friend! I’m going to have to start doing that just in case.

Appreciate the conversation, you were super helpful!

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the translator is my friend, hahahaj. do it, because you will always have a new possibility. Advice, sometimes it is better that there is a little bleeding, even if it is very little (controlled) if it is necessary that it does not exist, because it is, but the battery is an instrument that is a set, there has to be that interaction, (that’s why I do not like the VSTi of batteries so much because for example the HH will never sound alone!

@Pablin_Drummer I agree, wholeheartedly.

I got all kinds of bleed and although I’d like to minimize it for the sake of samples- it just adds to the realism and character of things.

It was my bands first recording in a new place - in the future if I can get the high hat a little further away from the snare or find a positioning for the snare top mic that helps with bleed that would help.

I also thought about sticking the snare mic (SM57, usually) through a small piece of aurelex to help with sound from the rear-

There’s a product out there specifically for that (a snare mic “baffle”) but from what I’ve read it changes the tone (makes sense).

That’s the only place I got a little too much bleed.

I do know that “contraption” and the secret is that it is not stuck to the capsule, so as not to influence the overall tone. you can also try positioning the microphone just below the HH, just as an Audix i5 or a D1 can help bleeding due to its polar pattern. The drummer also influences, how he executes the blows, that is Obvious. to all this, This is a for about Cubase, hahaj, Sorry moderators!!


So just an update- I tried rendering in place and glueing the tracks together and rendering as one event-

But I can’t select hitpoints now

What am I doing wrong?

I’m back to bouncing the Audio because I literally can’t find a way to edit the “parts” all in one go.
I’m working on toms RN and In this song there are only a few hits so I cut everything except for where they are hit.

I gotta be missing something


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

@Martin.Jirsak SOOOOO im in the process if saving screenshots, and showing you step by step exactly what I did, and how I couldn’t select hit points on the rendered track and I get to the last step and…

I CAN select hitpoints

I now its a little crazy sounding to say it wasn’t working before but it wasn’t! And I tried every setting. Must have been doing something wrong ugh.

Anyways, super grateful for the help, this is a much more efficient solution.


I’m glad you sorted it out.