need help with 2 headphone mixes

Hey guys, can someone please help.

I need to setup 2 headphones mixes, one for the producer, one for the vocalist (as we are recording in the one room)

I have one mix off my motu ultralite which is working fine (can hear both music tracks and the vocals as he sings), now I need one to be working through my allen&heath zed 10fx mixer in the same fashion.

I can get the vocal to play through the headphones but, i need the tracks, too. Does anyone have this mixer and know how to set this up in cubase?


You can´t use two interfaces with two different ASIO drivers in cubase under windows…

Is it possible to use only the MOTU and run both mixes off of it? If so you can use the Control Room to set up different mixes.


According to the Motu ultralite manual it has 8 analog outputs, so it should be relatively simple to setup the control room so you could have up to 3 separate stereo headphone mixes if needed plus your main monitors.

Thanks for the replies fellas.

Im still a little confused. Im pretty sure i had it working a while ago where i had one set of headphones/mic into the motu ultralite and another set of headphones/ mic into the zed 10fx and with the control room i was able to mute main monitors and have headphones only mixes and the mics were both recording.

Since then though i had to revert my pc to an earlier time and i lost the configuration

I didnt even think to only use the motu for both headphone mixes/ mic recording… Is this easy to setup? I will give it a shot this weekend.

Not too bad to set up. Disconnect your current outputs in VST connections. Instead set up you outputs in the studio tab of VST Connections.

On the surface it sounds to me like you want 2 studio mixes, so I would allocate a stereo pair to studio 1 and a stereo pair to studio 2.

I haven’t played much with the different mixes. I know there is a way to copy the current main mix to the studio mix, then you can adjust from there.

Read chapter 15 on the control room and you should be in good shape.


It’s simple once you’ve set up the studios.

Select the channels concerned, right click on control room and select the options. thats it :slight_smile: