Need help with a Project Logical Editor Preset

I’m trying to set a PLE preset with following conditions:

  1. Track must be audio and must be selected
  2. On this selected track only events with name containing must be selected

Trying for hours but this thing is rocket science.
Someone has an idea how to do that?
Thank you in advance.

It is possible I am quite certain. But nfkrgunately not near Nuendo at this time though. Will see when I get a chance how to do it.

I doubt you can achieve this in an elegant way in a single PLE preset but you might consider the idea of using a combination of a PLE name search preset combined with visibility agent commands inside a macro.

Not at Cubendo now, but if you first select all on the track, then filter for property = is selected, and Name Contains SEL, and set the function to Select, it should leave you with those parts selected.

Yep, that works.
2017-05-29 12_43_42-.png

:confused: Seems to work but here there is some kind of refresh error where all the selected events on the track remain selected.
If however I refresh the screen then I can see only the target selected event(s).

Yeah, I’ve seen that… of course, the objects are not actually selected, just the display is not updated properly.

iirc you can just hover the mouse cursor over the parts, i.e., swipe the mouse without clicking, obviously.