Need help with advanced routing methods

Hello Steinberg community

I’m in need of some assistance. After spending hours trying different things and scratching my head, i’m at a loss now. So let me describe what I’m trying to do and hopefully some wizz can help me figure out how it’s achievable (if at all possible). N.B. I’m using Nuendo 10, although it shouldn’t matter in this case, I thought i’d get more response from this sub forum.

So, I have an instrument track that I want to split into 3 frequency bands LOW/MID/HI, nothing new here. Currently I have the instrument channel (the synth) and 4 groups; 1 group for each band and a master group for all bands together going to the stereo output. The instrument channel is routed directly to the HI group and also has audio sends to MID and LOW. This setup gets me my desired split so I can have inserts effecting each band independently.

Now, doing this isn’t a novel technique. However, my problem comes when I’m trying to volume automate the HI group. It will automate the volume of everything because the instrument itself is being routed to it. I want to be able to automate the volume of each frequency band.

So… i’m trying to figure out another way to route this setup so that the instrument channel is silent basically but is still sending signal to these 3 group channels. But I can’t figure out for the life of me how to do it.

Am I going about this is the wrong way? Is there a simpler way to to this band splitting?

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Use Direct Routing to get from the instrument track to the 3 groups instead. You might have to make it available in the inspector through the ‘edit cog’

You have to use pre fader on sends meaning that volume doesent affect on sends.

Other solution would be to use bluecat patchworks, an awesome plugin, you can do lot nice things in it, I often split bands and do all kind of processes there, it comes with it dedicated effects but the best thing you can load 3rd party vst2 and vst3 in it, assign automation knobs to parameters of the plugins you loaded. Working nice and smooth without need for lot of groups etc etc.

Ahh, that worked. It’s strange because I tried this in the mix console but couldn’t activate more than one output simultaneously. I did it in the inspector though.

Thanks for this

Great! i’ll be trying out the demo of this later. Thanks for the suggestion