Need help with Audio and Midi Timing Drift


Long time user, first time poster. I have been using Cubase for years now, but unsuccessfully unfortunately. I have had this problem where after working in a project for an extended period of time, my once perfectly timed loops start to drift apart.

I’m am not sure what is causing this, but I had the same problem when I was using Cubase 4 back in college and now with Cubase 7. I thought it was my sound card, I thought that maybe it could be me inserting plugins before I should, then I thought maybe all I had to do was move the audio tracks backwards a few milliseconds, but nothing fixed the problem and the answer I keep landing on is that I am a terrible musician and this is way too complicated for me.

I know I can’t be this inept at recording music, and why I never came here and asked for help is ridiculous to me too, but this literally happens every time I get a project established. If anyone has any advice or has experienced this problem before, please respond. I have sooooo many projects that are unfinished because once I get to a certain point, they just don’t line up together musically.

Could you maybe attache one of your problematic projects to one of your posts so this community can have a look if it is a problem in the project or a performance issue on your system.

Use the “Backup Project” function in the Files menu to create a folder with all the important files and the project file itself.