Need help with automation

Hi, I’m new to the Cubasis DAW so please forgive me if my query is a little simplistic.
I have been having a play with the automation features, and I have automated some of my mixer sliders using the read/write function. My problem is that I can’t work out how to erase the automation memory from the mixer. Any advise is very much appreciated.

if you tap on Automation on left of screen you will be able to turn off Automation using the on/off tab, or you can tap on the “e” circled in red, this will open the automation window, here you can double tap in that window and all events will turn white and by tapping “Erase” also circled in red, you can instantly erase all content.
If you tap the Reduce tab the amount of “+” will decrease to a minimum making the display look less cluttered and reduce drain on the resorses processing the events, or simply without double tapping the window - you can move or erase individual events.
Hope this helps, enjoy Cubasis :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the detailed reply. It’s easy when you know how! :grin:

If it helps you them I’m happy🙂
I usually check this forum daily, so, any problems just shout :+1: