Need help with Cubase 9 Elements

I can’t seem to find anything to help me get my speakers working, I’ve done the vst connections and device set up, I load up a sample sound to hear for anything and it’s coming out my computer screen, but I’ve set the speakers I’ve got up. But still no sound coming from them and my monitor barely makes sound so I can’t really try and make music at all. I had Cubase 6 for a while and that set up fine on my old computer though, so could it be I got a new computer and it isn’t able to support it? I have the basic driver that came with Cubase 9. I want to try and fix it can anyone help?

Need a bit more info.
Audio device (If using one)
How are you connecting your speakers.
Are you using a soundcard output to your speaker setup
Have you connected the same way as with Cubase 6.
Im using Elements 9 on a laptop.
If you got a new computer then its your connection setup.
Cheers Bazz