Need help with Cubase AI 5!!!!!!


Basically when i record on my Yamaha motif mm6 into my alesis io2 driver then into my laptop, everything is fine and the input and outputs are all fine and the left and right locators are fine but when i get to exporting it i go onto audio mixdown and i have chosen all of the options and yet when i try to play it there is no sound. i also tried exporting as midi file, sound does come out but the instruments in the midi file aren’t the same as the ones i put into cubase! for example i put in a sub bass and in the midi file it comes out as a sitar?!?! someone please help i’m having to use halion and there aren’t many instruments in that.
Thanks for any help!


Do you have audio cables to your soundcard and an Audio track set up to monitor the audio from the keyboard?

i only have two midi cables in and out into the soundcard and what should i do with the audio track? im a newbie to producing.

Connect audio cables from the keyboard to your soundcard and set up an audio track to monitor the audio. If you don’t understand that, the Getting Started manual will explain how to set it all up.

thank you i will try doing that and then update on whether it worked or not, ill probably have to read the manual to make sure im not making silly mistakes.
Thank you!