Need help with Cubase + JunoDS setup - New user

I’m brand new to Cubase and piano and have had no luck figuring out how to set up my system, despite lots of videos and research. Forgive my incompetence…

I have:

  • Juno DS-88 keyboard
  • PC running Windows 10
  • Cubase Elements 9 Trial Version installed
  • Connected the Juno DS to my PC using a USB printer cable (latest drivers installed and computer recognizes the keyboard); there are no other cables running from my Juno to my PC
  • Desktop speakers plugged into my PC’s 3.5mm standard audio port.

I just want to play (not necessarily record) my keyboard through my computer via the USB cable in Cubase, and hear the output through my desktop speakers, as if I had my speakers plugged directly into the Juno via the Headphone port. Is this possible? When I strike a key on the Juno, I see the note register in Cubase (the bar shoots up), but I don’t hear a sound. Cubase has definitely detected the JunoDS.

I must not be setting the IN/OUT settings correctly?

Could someone please provide specific instructions on how to properly set this up? It would be greatly appreciated! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

This is not possible, as you have it connected right now. If you want to hear the sound from your desktop speaker, you have to connect the Line Out of Roland to Line In of your Audio Device. Then you have to add an Audio track, and enable Monitor on this track. Or just pass the audio data thru the Audio Device.

Of course, you have to set your Audio Device (or Generic Low Latency Driver) as an ASIO Driver in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.